A Day in the Life

The cool thing about this life is no two days in a row are ever the same. I typically wake up early (around 5am), spend time in prayer and journaling, and then dive into the day.

Yesterday, I was on a cover shoot for the next issue of Roswell Magazine and then attended a networking function at the Country Club of Roswell, featuring our Mayor highlight the “state of the City.” I spent the afternoon meeting with a couple of potential advertising partners and catching up on emails and phone calls between meetings, I dropped a few extra copies of the magazine with a client and then headed home to recap with follow-up tasks related to the day’s activities.

After dinner, I took a call to answer questions from and coach one of my sales reps. I brainstormed and designed a marketing piece for a fall festival special section we will be featuring in the next issue, did some laundry, chatted with the boys about their day, and fed/walked Gypsy.

The best thing about this life is that each day I’m free to choose when and how to best use my gifts to benefit my loved ones, my clients and my local community.

I love what I do. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The road to success is often difficult to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion it is possible to achieve the ‘American Dream.’
— Tommy Hilfiger